Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Car Camera


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Car Camera.

1.  Prove the other driver is at fault.

These days many drivers who are the cause of a road accident will simply lie to the police and any other authority in order to avoid paying the penalty.  Whether the penalty is losing the claim or ultimately facing a fine or worse – the guilty party will do anything to avoid the consequences.  With an in car video camera recording the incident in fine detail, their lies are exposed and the case is closed.

2.  Deter other drivers from making dangerous manoeuvres.

Many of the cameras can clearly be seen from both the front of your vehicle and behind.  The driver wanting to undertake or push in front in traffic will think twice once he or she sees the camera and realises that whatever they do will be recorded as evidence.

3.  Protect your car when parked.

Motion sensors and g-shock sensors will kick the car camera into recording action in the event that they detect movement in the lens, or shock to the car such as a bump.  This can, in many cases, ensure that the culprit is caught on video and can be tracked down at a later date via the registration plate (if another vehicle is involved) or by personal identity in the case of vandalism.

4.  Protect against road rage.

Once an accident has occurred, people often find themselves being threatened by the other driver – this can involve physical and verbal abuse.  If you have a camera installed, simply position yourself in front of your car whilst exchanging details to ensure that any offensive or threatening behaviour is caught on video.  Additionally, once the other driver is informed that the scene is being monitored and recorded, they will be far too worried about the consequences, and will avoid confrontation at all costs.

6.  Protect your insurance.

After making a claim it is inevitable that the claimant will have to take an increase on their annual policy costs.  Often, due to the nature of insurance company methodology, this is disproportionate to the incident itself.  Installing a car camera helps ensure that the actions of those who caused the incident are indisputable, and that the correct party is the one who’s insurance company will have to pay the damages.

7.  Boost your confidence.

Simply having a camera in the car, recording as you drive, is enough to boost the confidence of any driver who is intimidated by other road users.  Once such a person has used a car camera, driving without it feels like losing their right arm!!

8.  Lorry driver protection.

Commercial uses vary, but good lorry drivers in particular are often the target of bad press when it comes to causing accidents.  Many such drivers now enjoy the peace of mind provided by the camera as they deliver their goods.  The reasoning is that they are often singled out as the larger vehicle and are unduly blamed when no other evidence is available.  The video recordings are often proving that car drivers are taking risks because they do not seem to be aware of the differences involved in heavy goods vehicle driving – such as stopping distance and weather conditions.

9.  Lower your insurance costs.

Many insurance companies are now offering discounts on the premiums of drivers who install and use the car camera.  Basically this means that the car camera pays for itself before there has even been an accident!  For most people, this makes whether or not to get a camera a “no brainer”.

10.  Simply record your travels!

Last but not least, we are finding that many people simply enjoy recording their journeys for reviewing at a later time.  In particular – vacation journeys, trips out for the day, scenic views can all be recorded automatically as you drive on your way – and if you participate in off-roading in a 4×4, then the car camera appears to be an absolute must!


  1. Ok, this is pretty dang cool, I’ve never even heard of people putting cameras in their car like that but it makes so much sense. Does it always run? Affect car battery? Or does it just come on when you are driving?

  2. It is surprising not all cars are fitted with a car camera. In this modern day and age there are simply too many “hooligans” on the road who drive irraticlly and irresponsbiliy, then consequently causing a major collision which can cause other innocent road user injury or even death. With a car cam, this will dispute colllisions and even put those at fault. Good article also 🙂


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