5 Tips For Washing You Car Windows

Do you want to make your car look clean and new? The secret is cleaning it regularly, especially the car windows. Dirty and dusty car windows can be nasty. They can even make things look hazy on the outside. So aside from being a not so good sight, dirty windows can also be a risk when travelling.

So how can you wash your car windows and keep it neat all the time? Here are five tips for you:

  • Clean your car windows regularly. Try to clean your car windows on a regular basis. This way, you can easily remove dust and dirt caused by heat, pollution, moisture, and rain. Some window stains and streaks for instance would get hard to remove if left to stay for a long time. So in your case, make it a habit to clean your car windows at least once a week.
  • Clean your car windows properly. You need to know the proper way of cleaning car windows. Begin with the driver’s and front passenger’s windows. Lower your window around one inch in order to access the upper portion of the glass. Try to clean this portion first and make sure you let it dry. After washing, spray the area with glass cleaner and then dry. You can then roll the window back and clean the lower part next. Make sure too that you check the corners and the side mirrors. After which, clean the inner windshield and then the rearview mirror. The last potion you should clean is the inside of the rear window.
  • Remove water spots. If your car windows have heavy spots, make use of pure vinegar to remove it. Since vinegar is mild acid, it will be safe for your car. Applying some vinegar can dissolve the alkaline mineral water deposits on your car windows. If the spots remain (since they dried for such a long time), try to polish the glass. As an alternative, you can make use of a low abrasive car polish. Make sure though that it has no paint feeding oils as this may cause damage. Use your old cotton shirt for polishing the windows.
  • Use a mild cleaner for tinted windows. If you have tinted car windows, try to use a mild cleaner because strong cleaners can easily scratch a tinted car window. You can look for products that are good for polishing your window tint film. In case the tint film gets scratched, you can polish it with a mild cleaner such as those applicable for vinyl.
  • Use microfiber cloth. Finally, you can also try to wipe away dust and dirt on your car windows using microfiber cloth or kim wipes. This polyester fabric is non-abrasive so it’s safe to use for your car windows. Similar to a magnet, microfiber cloth can easily attract dirt, grime, dust, and even salt residues even without using a cleaning solution.

These are just five tips you can try for cleaning car windows. So make sure you keep your car windows clean and shiny all the time.

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