Top Tips On Maintaining Your Car


Top Tips On Maintaining Your Car!

Everyone knows that the engine is as important to a car as the heart is to your body. As it is a finely tuned piece of machinery it is important that you follow these steps to make sure your car lasts for years. Despite the fact that it’s the most important thing, engine maintenance is the one thing that is overlooked by everybody when they undertake maintenance on their cars. WHY?! Do you like buying a new car every year? Because to be honest I don’t! Here are some helpful engine maintenance tips that will not only grow car the life span of your but help the performance of your car and keep cost down from a hefty engine bill.

Regular Oil Change

This is the most important thing to keep your engine running and is a MUST FOLLOW tip. Oil is the metaphorical blood of your car. If you had no blood in your body you wouldn’t run. It’s the same for your car, if you don’t put oil in the car, it won’t run! The oil keeps engine parts running properly and stops engine damage. Most manuals tell you to change your oil every 7,500 miles. But specialists recommend you change the oil 3,000 miles. This will definitely increase the life of your engine.
To check your oil you should, let your car run down for a couple of minutes. Be sure you are parked on level ground and then turn the engine off. Open the bonnet and find the dip stick. And judge whether or not you have enough oil in. If you don’t, fill it up as soon as you can.

Avoid Rough Driving

It is best to avoid driving the car like you are Lewis Hamilton mainly because you’re not Lewis Hamilton. (Unless you are Lewis Hamilton, then continue). The main reason why is that its extra wear and tear on your engine. If you are racing at maximum speed everywhere you are putting added strain on your engine. To change this you ought to adopt engine friendly driving habits like using appropriate speed-gear combination and avoid overheating of the engine.

Maintaining Fluid Levels

The cooling system makes sure that the engine temperature is stable and stops the car from overheating. This makes it essential that the the fluid level is looked at on a regular basis. If you find it low low it must be refilled.

Listen to your car

As silly as this sounds you should keep an eye on the performance for all the components of your car. This will likely make you aware of any unusual feelings in your car. Even something so small as a spark plug or something retelling will extend the life of your engine.

Regular Service

It is advisable to follow the service schedule recommended by the company. The service includes checking all the essential parts of the engine, if there is a problem, you can get it fixed. If not your car will get a good clean.

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