Things To Check Before a Car Insurance Check Up


Things to Check before a Car Insurance Check Up

Saving money on car insurance is the goal of most people, especially when the state of the economy is considered. Since everything else costs more, including groceries, clothing and housing costs, every penny counts. This is why you need to have a car insurance checkup completed. A car insurance checkup should be done at least annually, although completing one every six months when you renew your coverage is ideal. Going through this process can lower the cost of your car insurance substantially, making up for the rising prices of everything else.
There are a number of things that need to be checked before you go through a car insurance checkup, all of which will help you save money. Many of these things are inquired about by your insurance agent when you first apply for the insurance, however, when they renew your coverage every six months, they do not ask them again. This is why you need to volunteer this information at your car insurance checkup meeting.

How Many Payments You Have Left on Your Car

Whether or not your car is paid off can make a big difference on how much you pay for your car insurance. Most insurance plans have a clause in them that pays off the vehicle in case of the owner’s death or an accident that totals the car. The amount owed also comes in play during the pricing of the insurance itself, since your insurance company uses that to determine how much the car is worth. Knowing beforehand how many payments you still have left – if any – will give you some leverage when you are undergoing the insurance checkup.

The Kelley Blue Book Value of Your Vehicle

Your insurance is also largely based on the amount that your vehicle is worth. This is due to the fact that the car insurance company will have to figure out the replacement value and use that when determining how much to insure your car for. Even though your insurance company has access to the Kelley Blue Book value, it does not hurt to know this information yourself. You should ask your insurance agent outright how much they have it valued at so that you can correct them if need be. This way you do not end up paying more than your car is worth.

How Many Miles You Drive Daily or Weekly

A car insurance company needs to know how many miles you drive daily or weekly and what your destinations are. This is due to the fact that the more you are on the road; the more likely you are to get into an accident. If your numbers have fallen drastically and you only drive, for example, 30 miles a week to and from work each week, then your car insurance cost should decrease. It helps to know exactly how many miles your trip to work and back is each day, so that you can give your insurance company an exact amount. They can then calculate your insurance costs based on this number, which should shrink your insurance considerably.

Going through a car insurance checkup at least once a year is the best way to cut the amount of your insurance premiums. Although you will have to do a little work and look up some important information before your check up takes place, knowing the amount your car is worth, how many miles you out on it each week, and many payments you have (or how much you still owe) on your car will save you enough money to make hunting down this information worthwhile.

About the Writer: Terry Wood is an insurance specialist with US Insurance Net. Her knowledge spans across helping people get bad credit car insurance to lowering home insurance rates.


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