Ford’s Fuel Efficient Transit Commercial Van in the Offing


A Great Feast for US Commercial Automotive dealers and Rental Companies

Here’s good news for US commercial automotive dealers or rental companies that are more of a conservationist-type. Ford Motor Company, a global leader in automotive industry based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, is going to launch its fuel efficient Transit commercial van in North America at the end of this year. Featuring the award-winning EcoBoost 3.5 liter V6 engine unlike the outgoing E-series, this powerful yet economical van will “deliver all the capacity and capability, which customers get with E-Series models of today, but with bonus of potentially lower operating costs and enhanced fuel economy with its available EcoBoost powerplant,” as stated by Mr. Tim Stoehr, Commercial Truck Marketing manager at Ford.

Official word from Ford has it that the next-generation Transit will keep the E-Series Built Ford Tough reputation intact while achieving at least 25 percent better fuel economy, due in part to smart weight reductions of at least 300 pounds compared to similar E-Series vans. Ford is already investing $1.1 billion in its Kansas City Assembly Plant to have the Transit commercial van ready for production in the U.S. by 2013. The vehicle will be built alongside the F-150 in the assembly plant. This will allow US automobile rental companies to offer more choices to their existing and potential clients in terms of their range of new vehicles.

Here are some features of the new Transit commercial van with EcoBoost 3.5 litre V6 that set it apart from the outgoing venerable Ford E-series vehicles.

  • It replaces the 4.6- or 5.4-litre V8 or 6.8-litre V10 available in Ford E-series van and wagon.
  • EcoBoost engines are equipped with turbocharging properties for creating a denser mix of fuel and air in each cylinder; high-pressure direct-injection fuel system fed by common rail, delivering precise amount of gasoline; excellent fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions unlike V8 engines with similar power ratings and special pistons with optimized bowls in the center for enhancing combustion efficiency.
  • EcoBoost engines are essentially an important part of the Ford strategy of providing technologically advanced, high-output, smaller-displacement powerplants with excellent fuel economy and high-quality performance
  • EcoBoost can reach a massive torque of 570Nm at 2500rpm requiring 365hp to set the Transit Van in motion
  • Capable of producing 365hp at 5,000rpm the V6 EcoBoost develops a massive peak torque of 570Nm at 2,500rpm.

One of the best-selling and powerful vans in Europe, the present generation Transit van is available to global customers in a variety of passenger, chassis and cargo cab configurations with choice of efficient diesel engines. The US automobile enthusiasts and rental companies alike can now brace themselves as this all-powerful EcoBoost equipped van makes its debut in North America at the end of 2013.

Ayushma Pandey is an automobile enthusiast and a blogger for Santa Barbara Limousine Network, California.


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