Changes To Kia That Has Helped Them Capture More Market Share


With recent trends in European car sales going down, some top car manufacturers have gone back to the drawing board. The Kia brand has managed to record an increase in market share despite the downward trend in the industry. One of the main reasons why can be attributed to changes in production levels. Most car makers are currently facing the headache of what to do with overproduced units. On the contrary, Kia has managed to maintain production at 100 percent. All units produced find their way to the market thanks to competitive pricing and quality marketing. Here are some of the things Kia uses to capture market share.

Changes to Kia

Partnership with Hyundai

When it comes to the car industry Hyundai is Kia’s closest rival. Kia has adopted a strategy where it shares components and technology with Hyundai. Both companies are from South Korea. This has resulted in the two producing car models that are alternates of each other. Although Kia’s vehicles are almost similar to those produced by Hyundai, the design is unique. Kia adds elements to their vehicles that consumers will not find with the standard Hyundai models. This allows for various pricing structures unique to their customers income status. Customers can select the lowest-price stock vehicles or they can upgrade to the Kia models with the limited editions.

Strong sense of corporate social responsibility

Kia has concentrated on producing stylish vehicles. The manufacturers have re-designed some of their models. The Kia Sorento is one of their top-selling SUVs. The demand for seven passenger vehicles has been increasing. Kia now sells new editions of the Sorento that includes seating for seven people. The company is already taking orders for new editions of their 2014 vehicles. Having a strong corporate social responsibility strategy has pushed market share figures upwards. In 2012 for instance, the company donated funds in aid of people affected by Hurricane Sandy. It also partnered with charitable organizations to raise money for students in public schools in the US.

Robust marketing initiatives

Marketing is one of the key pillars in maintaining top market share. In this respect Kia’s marketing initiatives have focused on efforts to make their brand more visible. This has been successful thanks to the use of sports and music. European culture attaches a lot of value to these two areas. The ads created in the process have helped propel interest in models such as the Optima SXL. Kia’s marketing team appeals to customers by making memorable ads both on print and electronic media.

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