5 Problems You Might See With a Windshield Replacment and How To Solve Them


1. Broken Seal

Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons ranging from bad glue to weather conditions, the adhesive meant to keep your windshield in place can give way even just slightly in some places. This generally will show up as a whistling or rattling noise. There will always be some amount of higher noise levels, but if you think there is a problem call back your installer. Most installers should fix the problem without any extra charges.

2. Broken Windshield

Yea, that’s why you got the glass replaced, right? Why would it break again? Here in Utah, Auto Glass tends to get broken on the freeway every couple months, but what you need to watch out for is poor quality glass or faulty installation. If the glass is installed badly it can break simply from the pressure applied by the rest of your car. Again, if you see this as a likely cause, make sure you bring it up with your installer and they should help you out at no cost.

3. Warped Windshield

This one is on the auto glass manufacturer. Sometimes bad glass just gets missed and you see it as a strange, warped look. Get with your auto glass professional and ask about manufacturer guarantees which usually cover these cases.

4. Stray Adhesive

Here is a problem you can often solve yourself. The adhesive glue is black and stains very easily. If you catch it soon enough you can get it off and wash it out. Nail polish remover and a razor blade can clean off the glass portions while stronger chemicals may be in order to clean off upholstery or leather. When it comes down to it, stains left by your auto glass installer are signs of shoddy work and you should find someone better in the future.

5. Vehicle Damage

Your first inclination when you see that scratch on your hood after getting your auto glass replaced will be call up the shop and give them a piece of your mind. Think it through first. Generally shops take care to be very careful around your vehicle (Not always so) so it is just as likely that you are only just now noticing damage that has been there for some time. Often times we only take a close look right after we get work done and that’s when we notice it. I am not saying that you shouldn’t approach someone about damage they may have caused, but be sensible and think it through.

Author: Jeff has been an auto glass professional for Vision Auto Glass Utah  for 4 years and enjoys working with new products in the industry.

Any more questions about auto glass? Visit us at our website or stop by if you happen to live nearby. We are located at 81 W Mountain Way Dr. Orem, UT 84057.



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