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What innovations has Hyundai made to their cars in the last 3 or 4 years that has given them so much momentum in the industry?

Owning a new or used vehicle requires a significant investment from car owners. Finding the right car can be a difficult process. It helps to purchase a car from a company you know you can trust and appreciate. Hyundai Motor’s has a solid reputation for safety and providing affordable cars to their customers. Over the past three to four years, Hyundai has grown rapidly. Their large sales can be attributed to a number of things including the following.


One aspect that Hyundai is big on is privacy and security. Employees are not allowed to discuss the manufacturing process. The parts shipment facility is under surveillance and tight security measures. The reasoning behind this is to prevent competitors from finding out why Hyundai is so successful. Their parts are manufactured in Korea, Beijing, and other countries. The parts are shipped to Montgomery, Alabama where they are placed into the vehicles or used to repair broken parts. The manufacturing process Hyundai uses is based on Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. With a combination of these elements, defects are rare. This gives Hyundai the ability to manufacture quality products and deliver them on time.


Hyundai also placed their vehicles through a strict testing program. This is used to prevent problems related to car accidents. They have a 6.4-mile oval track in the Mojave Desert where they test their new designs before rolling them out to the market. With detailed testing measures, Hyundai is able to predict certain problems and fix them before selling the cars.

Competitive Pricing

With the economy slow to recover, many Americans are in tough financial positions. People are no longer able to afford $50,000 vehicles. Hyundai along with their sister company, Kia, have been able to make affordable, modern vehicles. If you want a new car with all the luxury features (sunroom, iPod docking station, leather seats, trim, etc.), Hyundai can make it possible for under $30,000. They also focus on providing quality gas mileage, helping their customers save even more money by owning a Hyundai.

Aggressive Marketing

One area where Hyundai has really excelled is with their marketing. They are aggressive in the market-place and do not take nearly as long as Toyota to roll out their new vehicles. They focus on providing a quality product in a timely manner. Strong manufacturing helps their marketing department exceed their customers’ expectations. Hyundai is able to show customers new models two months before they are expected to announce them. Creating a test model for people to see helps to generate buzz and get people pre-ordering their new vehicles.


For the customers that want a high-end luxury vehicle, Hyundai can help. The Equus comes with all of the luxury features you can find on a BMW or Cadillac. The starting price is $60,000 for this high-end luxury model. Of course, Hyundai is also working on providing a large variety of vehicle models to their customers. Some of the new features in their cars include the following:

  • Spacious rear seating
  • Best-in-class interior design
  • Smooth, quieter engines
  • Strong warranty

Test drive a new Hyundai to see the difference between other car manufacturers. Once you drive a Hyundai, you may never go back to your old car!
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