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The best accessories for your car’s exterior

In the modern age of cars, there are a huge amount of accessories available for us to choose from, some of them functional, some of them cute, some of them weird and wacky. Lots of the items we can buy for our car are focussed on the interior such as car mats, seat covers, even fuzzy dice, however in this article I am going to focus on the accessories designed for the outside of your car, which are undoubtedly seen by many more people than see the ornament on your dashboard or your cute car mats.

Car Snow Cover

If you live in one of the colder parts of the world this can be a really useful accessory. There’s nothing worse than having to scrape the ice and snow from the windows of our car first thing in the morning before we have to go off to work or take the kids to school, a snow cover however makes the process a lot more bearable.

Car-Top Cargo Carriers

Do you need to carry a lot of stuff around with you when driving? Perhaps you make long trips to see relatives or like to travel, if so, consider making more room for comfort in your car by getting a car top cargo carrier, designed to protect whatever you carry in them without taking up your interior space.

Bumper Stickers and Car Decals

Lots of us love to glam our cars up with car stickers or decals, these can range from inspirational quotes to cute pictures and cartoons or most commonly funny sayings and witty remarks designed to bring a smile (or sometimes a frown) to other road users. Car stickers and decals can be small and subtle or they can be absolutely massive, some of them even cover the whole side of a vehicle!

License Plate Frames

These are another fun addition to the outside of your vehicle, and though license plates are serious business there’s no harm in adding a bit of fun to them with a frame. These are legal as long as they don’t cover the license, and come in all different designs from cute hearts and flowers to heavy metal designs!

Bicycle Rack

If you love cycling, or perhaps go on family cycling holidays, these are a great way of carrying your two wheels on your four wheels! Usually, they strap to the back of your car to securely and safely bring your bike along with you.

There are loads of original car accessories coming onto the market all the time, and this is merely a selection. Grab yourself the best exterior car accessories for both fun and function!

About the Author:

Ben is a car enthusiast and writer who runs a website about car accessories for girls.


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