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What innovations has Kia made to their cars in the last 3 or 4 years that has given them so much momentum in the industry?

Kia is a leading car manufacturer and is rapidly-growing thanks to low prices and competitive marketing. With new vehicle designs, Kia has expanded their customer-base and can easily attract car buyers of all ages and incomes. Kia was recently names the “Best Car Deals Under $15,000”, according to Reader’s Digest. With this type of national attention, it is clear that Kia is doing something right and they don’t look ready to stop any time soon.

Why Kia Is Ahead?

So what is behind all the growth Kia Motors has received over the past three or four years? There are plenty of things, but expert believe it comes down to the European-influenced styling, low pricing, and new technologies. New models of the best-selling Sorento now feature a docking station for your iPod or other mobile device. Increasing gas prices also concern car-buyers, which is something Kia has re0designed with their new vehicles. Selling Hybrid vehicles has been widely successful for Kia. Customers find that not only do they pay less at the pump, they are less likely to deal with expensive repairs and other maintenance costs. Customers also say that owning a Kia comes with very few repairs and other cost of ownership concerns.


Kia does an effective job at watching new trends in the industry. They can easily tell when it’s time to add features to their cars and what those features are. They provide their customers with an interactive website where you can customize your own Kia. This gives you the chance to remove features (like tow packaging) for other features you might prefer (such as crossbars on the roof.)


Effective marketing techniques helps Kia to stay one step ahead of their competition. Kia Motors America provides all the marketing efforts for the organization. Their ability to create effective ads has helped to increase the overall popularity of their vehicles. There are also many praises to the partnerships Kia has been able to form with the NBA. Exposure to large audiences, where the demographic can afford a new car at $15,000 is likely to garnish a faster response. With innovative designs, quality body styles, low pricing, and advanced safety features, it’s easy for the marketing department to find success.

Dealership Exposure

There are 765 dealerships in the United States that provide Kia vehicles and various financing programs to their customers. Having a large market exposure can make a huge difference in helping customers to gain access to the Kia vehicles they desire. From their website, Kia makes it easy for customers to find or create their own vehicle and even apply for dealership financing. With a few simple changes or modifications, you can increase or decrease the price of your new Kia. Once you have everything ready, simply send your requirements to the dealership. They will special order your new model to arrive within a few weeks, or days for some customers. You can learn more about dealership financing and customizing your own Kia on their website.

For 18 consecutive years, Kia has outdone their annual sales. They own a large portion of the market share and 2013 doesn’t look to slow them down in any way. Design innovation, quality pricing, value, new technologies, safety features, low gas consumption, and low cost of ownership will propel Kia into higher revenues in 2013.

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